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Contests Announces "Random Acts of Prizes"!

Posted by BreakUpEasy on Wednesday 25th, April 2012 08:43:51 AM

Dear members, friends and fans:

As you have probably noticed, we have been doing quite a bit of development and promotion to ensure that your online experience is fun, enjoyable and unique. As the summer approaches we want to tell you about another promotion we will be doing soon and every month going forth. presents, "Random Acts of Prizes". "What is that?", glad you asked. R.A.P. is a bi-monthly contest giveaway in which we will "RANDOMLY" notify all Facebook fans and Twitter followers of a 24-hour Prize Alert.

A Prize Alert is an online event in which an instant winning prize code is posted and displayed in the Alert Message section of "My Account" at The first person to sign in/register/login with Facebook into their account, and redeem the code will win the prize. To keep it fair, a single person can only win once within a thirty (30) day period. In other words, the person that won "Prize One" cannot win "Prize Two" even if they are quick enough to get to the site a second time within that month.

Active members that have Alert notifications turned on in their accounts will get an email alerting them that there is a Alert on their account, but that email can take time to reach them, and by that time, the code will likely be redeemed. So, it would be best to become a Facebook fan and a Twitter follower to increase your chances of getting early notification and winning.

"What type of prizes are you talking about?"

Prizes can be any of the following:

  • Electronics
  • Gift Cards and Certificates to various retail stores
  • Clothing and Apparrel
  • So much more...

"How do I know if I can use this prize?"

The actual prize is never disclosed, just an alert that there is a code. Prize Alerts will look like this:

Random Acts of prizes ALERT! Log in at now for your chance to win! (US/CANADA/UK/WORLD).

Notice the (US/CANADA/UK/WORLD) portion of the message. If its a prize only valid and good in the US, then it will say 'US ONLY'. If only good in Canada, it will say "CANADA ONLY", and so on. So, please make sure you pay close attention. Also, if you are male and the prize you won is for a female (or vice versa) we are sure it will make an amazing gift.

"I'm under the age of 21, can I still win?"

You must be at least 13 years of age to use Underaged winners can still win, but a parent or legal guardian in that case would need to sign for and accept any eligible prizes.

We are excited about this contest, and are certain that you all will love them. So, do yourselves a favor and fan us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, because you'll never know what day will be the day you could win something awesome!

Cheers, Staff


MiracleBarbie on 04/25/2012 at 11:22 PM

I am your fan, i folloq and i feel that im the most active person on this site, but i rarely pay attention to anything, so i know im not gonna win any...Oh well

breakupeasy on 04/25/2012 at 11:31 PM

Well, with the new notification systems in place, you won't be able to avoid getting the notices like everyone else. Best of luck as always!

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