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Since 2010, we have been ending relationships and breaking hearts on the Internet. After many years, we have reinvented ourselves as a lifestyle clothing brand with tees and accessories for women from all walks of life . More often than not, ending a relationship is very hard to do. Whether it is with a boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other, people just can’t seem to find the right words to say when the relationship has run its course. At one time this was a person you may have once loved, admired or respected, but now for your own reasons you feel that you must end things and move on. offers amazing garments along with a FREE and easy to use solution to getting honest and quick relationship advice. By simply filling in and answering a few questions, we will display details about your relationship woes for our staff and visitors to vote and comment on. You can remain anonymous if you wish. is the premier website to come when a relationship is in trouble. You will never be the “bad guy”, and we will never judge you.

our history was founded in early 2010 by creator R.E. Woods and his business partner G.S. Gachter. At the time Woods and Gachter were both I.T. professionals at a Mutual Insurance Company in Lansing, MI. While sitting at his desk listening to the news, Woods heard a news story about a man in the Middle East “legally” divorcing his wife via text message. This made a light bulb go off in Woods’ head. With the idea fresh in his mind, Woods approached Gachter about the idea, and was born.

The website began originally as a place on the Internet to end your relationships via email. With close proximity to Michigan State University and other surrounding colleges, it was just a matter of time before was a commonly known name on campus. With the use of our models (the BreakUpEasy Heartbreakers), along with unique marketing, BreakUpEasy became a local Michigan hit!

The BreakUpEasy Reboot

After years of marketing research, BreakUpEasy has re-invented its-self as a lifestyle brand for the Young Millennial Female crowd. With a newly appointed creative director Serita Sampson, BreakUpEasy offers many new and amazing tee-shirt and apparel collections along the same BreakUp and relationship voting systems we have been made famous for.

Currently, has operations in Houston, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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