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Introducing, Bliss by!

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In 2010 was a website where people went to end their relationships and get occasional relationship advice. After a brief hiatus, has returned and reinvented its-self into a lifestyle brand for young women while still offering a way to get relationship advice to those that need it.

The first thing the founders did was reorganize and move the company to Las Vegas, Nevada. Secondly, they needed to find someone with the image and vision needed to reinvent Entered Serita Sampson, the new Creative Director of Serita single-handedly created the very first collection called “Bliss”.

“Bliss” celebrates the freedom, strength and independence that lives inside every woman”, says Sampson. The collection offers shirts for empowerment, for flirting and even for finessing. Currently, the company plans to launch two collections every year, with each collection having a specific theme.

Despite the new changes on, there are also some things that remain the same. The “State Your Case” relationship voting system is still here, allowing visitors to read and comment on people’s relationships. There are also still blogs and articles to get relationship and dating advice.

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